Coin Math


Coin Math teaches elementary grade level math skills for daily life. It teaches:

  1. 1.Recognition of the basic U.S. coins - penny, dime, nickel, quarter, half-dollar and dollar coins.

  2. 2.Value for each coin.

  3. 3.Counting coins.

  4. 4.Buying things with coins.

  5. 5.Making change.

In Matching Coins, the child learn how to identify coins and their value.

The child will need to touch and drag the coin to the correct piggy bank of that value.

When the child has correctly matched all the coins, the child is given a big check mark and a voice speaking “Good Job!”.

In counting coins, the child will need to add up all the coins and choose the correct total of all the coins.

This teaches the child to count in ones, fives, tens and twenty fives.

The child starts with pennies, moving on to dimes, nickels , quarters, half-dollars and dollars. Once the child has mastered all those, it gets hard and the child has to count multiple types of coins as shown in the picture to the left.

In Shopping, the child has to choose the correct coins to pay for an item.

There are two shopping levels.

In the first or regular shopping level, the child chooses from all pennies, or dimes, or nickels or quarters.

In Advanced Shopping, the child has to choose from a combination of pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters, half-dollars and dollars. In this level, adults could even improve their counting skills by playing.

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In version 2.0.0, we added half-dollar and dollar coins. We also added voice prompts and making change. We have also changed the orientation to horizontal to make it easier for children to hold and use the app.

We have just submitted version 2.0.1 that allows you to turn off use half-dollar and dollar coins.

In version 2.0, you can now touch and move the coins around to help you group the coins for easy counting.

New in version 2.0 is the Make Change level. It teaches you to make change when a customer has paid for an item and you need to give back the difference, in change, of how much he or she paid and how much the item cost.

This level teaches the child to add and subtract coins.

New in version 2.0, we have added U.S. State Quarters.

We show all 50 US State Quarters and a brief description on what the coins show.

This helps your child learn about each state and some State history or significance.

Also new in version 2.0 are the golden Sacagewea and U.S. Presidential Dollar coins.

"At the Children's Museum of Houston, we find this app very helpful in teaching financial literacy in our pretend city, Kidtropolis, USA, where kids hold jobs, earn "paychecks", spend, save and share kid money." - Children's Museum of Houston (“America’s No. 1 Children’s Museum.”Parents Magazine)

Highlighted on Best Apps for Kids!

"What I especially liked about the app is that it works for different ages and levels. For example, the easiest gets you matching the coins to their value. It’s simple and fun...Bottom-line: I use this app to help my own kids learn about money, and to reinforce the curriculum in the classroom."

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  1. -“This is truly an app that puts math to use in the “real world” by asking players to make correct change for a customer with an easy-to-operate point and drag system.”


“We gave this application to several children ages 4-8.  All of them liked this application best of the coin counting applications we looked at.  It can be used either at home or at school for learning to identify and count coins, and learning to make change.  It can also be used to learn or reinforce counting by 5's, 10's and 25's.  As a teacher/parent, I appreciated that both sides of the coins were used within the application, and the coins were to scale.  The kids quickly noted that they looked like real money.”

  1. -I Education App Review:

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