Mirror 3-in-1 for iPhone 4


It’s a Flashlight!

Use the iPhone 4’s LED flashlight as a real flashlight.

Need to shine some light in a dark place? Use the Mirror 3-in-1 as a flashlight to look under your bed or sofa! Use the LED flash on your iPhone 4 as a flashlight!


Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

For support, email support@recessionapps.com

It’s a Mirror!

Use the iPhone 4’s front facing camera as a camera. Zoom in to magnify hard to see areas on yourself.

No longer do you need to carry a compact mirror to touch up your lipstick. Just use your iPhone 4’s camera!

Having difficulty touching up your mascara? Use the zoom feature to zoom in!

It’s a Magnifying Glass!

Use the iPhone 4’s back camera and flash light as a magnifying glass to read hard-to-read text on prescription bottles, maps and fine print!

Zoom in up to 4x!

Actual screen snapshot!